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Review for Lexapro
They Are Great!

“I did not have health insurance and after five years of being on an anti-depressant I had to quit cold turkey because I could not afford the $400.00 a month the American drugstores charged for my Wellbutrin. Then someone suggested The Canadian Pharmacy and I have been using them ever since. They are great!”

Review for Canadian Pharmacy
This Experience Has Been Excellent

“I was leery about trying a Canadian pharmacy, but this experience has been excellent!  I am impressed with how quickly I received my medication and it is much less expensive!”

Review for
Low Prices- Excellent Service

“The Canadian Pharmacy has helped me because of its consistently low prices. The local big box stores kept raising prices on me. I guess the best thing I like about you is never having to stand in line!”

Review for
I Checked Them Out Thoroughly

“I started using The Canadian Pharmacy primarily due to the cost of the medications. I checked them out thoroughly and they appeared to be a safe site. I was surprised when I got a call from them to see if everything was good with my order. That’s a nice touch.”

Review for Smith