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January 02, 2020
Online Pharmacies Save You Money, See How

When it comes to gynecological services, there are some things that need to be addressed in person with your doctor. However, filling prescriptions and buying topical medications can be handled easily through mail-order pharmaceutical services.

Online shopping is convenient for a variety of reasons, but is it really worth it to purchase gynecology-related prescriptions through a website?

You bet! Here’s why.

Mail Order Prescriptions Are Usually Cheaper

Even if you have insurance, out of pocket expenses can make prescription prices higher than necessary. Those who don’t have medical insurance could still benefit from discounts, patient assistance programs, and other incentives.

You Can Automate Refills

Prescriptions like birth control pills or maintenance medications are usually taken long-term and dispensed for three months at a time before you run out of refills. That makes these kinds of medications ideal for mail order pharmacy services. Just makes sure that any prescriptions that are on an automated refill schedule are renewed at least two weeks before the end date. Inform the pharmacy when a medication is changed or discontinued so you won’t keep paying for unnecessary shipments.

You Have More Flexibility When You Order Online

The old way of doing things was to rush to the drug store and hope it’s still open and they have your prescription in stock. Online pharmacies are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter where you live. You can also check their inventory before you submit a prescription to make sure the right medication, dosage, and strength are available.

Confidentiality and Discretion

Let’s face it, some female issues are kind of embarrassing. When you order gynecological products or medications online, you’ll have the confidentiality and discretion you deserve. No more going to the pharmacist in your small town and running into a co-worker or having to whisper to the pharmacist about your yeast infection.

Online Pharmacy Shopping Tips

Those of us who have ordered something online and been disappointed when it arrives know that some of the issues with mail-order shopping are real. Before giving any eCommerce shop your personal, bank, and insurance information, make sure that it’s a legit, licensed pharmacy. Going through an unlicensed or shady online pharmacy might result in:

  • Your information being stolen or sold
  • Incorrect or fake medications
  • Orders that never arrive

Keep in mind that it can also take up to two weeks for your prescriptions to arrive. If you need something immediately, or it’s a new prescription, consider buying it in person first. That way, you’ll know if it works and you can discuss any issues with your gynecologist before you continue with the medication.

Final Thoughts

While mail-order prescription services are convenient and cheaper, you should use caution before creating an account with an online pharmacy. Always order through a licensed pharmacy, make sure all of your information is accurate, and coordinate with online and offline providers to avoid problems with drug interactions and duplicate prescriptions.

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