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ParmacyChecker Finds Ordering Medications Abroad 76% More Cost Effective Than Ordering In The U.S.
December 05, 2013
PharmacyChecker Finds Ordering Medications Abroad 76% More Cost Effective Than Ordering in The U.S.

Nearly every online Canadian pharmacy you visit on the web will tell you that buying medications online from Canada will save you a considerable amount on your medications, but how much exactly can you save? A new analysis by online pharmacy specialist found that people in the U.S. who buy medications from their local […]

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Generic vs. Brand Name Drugs
November 05, 2013
Generic Drugs vs. Brand Name Drugs. What’s The Difference?

When your doctor hands you a prescription, you might have noticed two separate places for a signature. Under one line, it reads “Dispense as Written,” and under the other, “Substitution Permitted.” What exactly do these lines mean? Why would your doctor give the pharmacist permission to make a substitution for the prescribed medication?

Most people who take medications are aware that generic versions of more expensive name-brand medications are available and can save them money. However, many are skeptical of the claim that a generically produced drug will work exactly the same way as the name brand. After all, we’ve all purchased store-brand products and been disappointed when they didn’t taste as good or work as well as their brand-name counterparts.

Are Generic Drugs Really the Same as Brand Name Drugs?

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Family Health and Fitness Day
September 16, 2013
10 Tips To Get Active This Family Health and Fitness Day

Is your family’s idea of getting active heading to the fridge during a commercial break? If so, then maybe it’s time for a change! With conditions like diabetes and heart disease affecting younger children, it’s never too early to introduce a healthy lifestyle. Exercise for the sake of exercise is certainly effective, but kids generally […]

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