Quick Safety Tips When Buying Drugs Online

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Print this page and keep it near your computer for quick tips and info when ordering your online medications.

How Do I Keep My Computer Free From Viruses? Choose an online virus scanner and keep it updated. Best picks are:

How Do I Keep My Computer Secure From Hackers?

Keep firewalls turned on and clear your cache regularly using the recommended method for your operating system and browser.

How Do I Keep My Personal Information Secure Online?

Only send personal information over a secure webpage. Look in the address bar for “https” or a lock icon.

Only shop at sites that are verified by a third-party security company.

What Are the Signs of a Legitimate Online Pharmacy?

Only shop at online pharmacies with the following features:

  • Certified by CIPA
  • Require a valid prescription from your doctor
  • Have licensed pharmacists and physicians to answer questions and provide counseling
  • Sell safe, legal prescription medications and do not sell controlled substances
  • Have a full range of inventory, not just “lifestyle” drugs.
  • Promise to keep your personal information private and secure
  • Abide by the rules of HIPAA and PIPEDA
  • Do not send spam or other unsolicited marketing
  • Have a verifiable physical address and phone number

How Can I Verify an Online Pharmacy?

Before doing business with a pharmacy, always check on www.cipa.com to make sure that the site is truly certified by CIPA.

Check with other third-party ratings companies like PharmacyChecker and eDrugSearch to see both the ratings given by the site and the ratings provided by other consumers.

For the complete guide to Safely Buying Prescription  Drugs Online visit The Canadian Pharmacy at www.thecanadianpharmacy.com/safely-buying-prescription-drugs-online/