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American Adults Skipping Medication Doses and Refills To Reduce Prescription Drug Costs; The Canadian Pharmacy Offers A Different Strategy

May 07, 2013
American Adults Skipping Medication Doses and Refills To Reduce Prescription Drug Costs; The Canadian Pharmacy Offers A Different Strategy

A 2013 Center for Disease Control (CDC) study has revealed over 12% of 33,014 American adults surveyed were not taking their medication as prescribed, as a strategy to reduce their prescription drug costs. The Canadian Pharmacy responded to these worrying statistics by reminding those that can’t afford their prescription costs that they can obtain their medications safely and cost effectively from Canada.

Winnipeg, Manitoba (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

The CDC study titled “Strategies Used by Adults to Reduce Their Prescription Drug Costs” analyzed data from the 2011 CDC National Health Interview Survey, which surveyed 33,014 American adults over 18. In light of the fact that Americans spent $45 billion out-of-pocket on retail prescription expenses in 2011, the study set out to analyze the strategies U.S. adults use to reduce their prescription drug costs. Key findings of the study include:

  • “Adults aged 18–64 were twice as likely to not have taken medication as prescribed to save money (12.6%) compared with adults aged 65 and over (5.8%)”
  • “To save money, adults who were poor or near poor were twice as likely as adults who were not poor to not take medication as prescribed.”
  • Within the 18-64 age group those that were uninsured were more likely than their insured counterparts to not take medication as prescribed (23.1% uninsured vs. 13.6% with Medicaid).

These results show a clear association between poverty or lack of insurance and the failure of American adults to take prescription medications as prescribed. As the study points out, failure to take medication as prescribed has been shown to lead to poorer health status, increased emergency room use, hospitalizations, and cardiovascular events.

Other drug cost reduction strategies explored by the study included asking a doctor for a lower cost medication, buying prescription drugs from another country and using alternative therapies. The study found adults aged 65 and over with only Medicare coverage were the most likely to ask their doctors for lower cost medications (24.9%) vs. their counterparts who also had private coverage (20.1%) or Medicaid coverage (14.7%). Uninsured adults aged 18-64 were more likely to take alternative therapies to treat their conditions (11.9% vs. 4.6% with Medicaid and 4.2% with private insurance). In the 18-64 age group 2.1% of those surveyed bought their prescription medications from another country vs. 1.9% of those over 65.

When asked about the results of the CDC study, David Zimmer, President of, stated, “Time and time again studies like this show Americans are struggling to afford the medications they need and are unfortunately choosing to not fill their prescription, skip doses, or seek unproven and unsafe alternatives. It is truly worrying to see larger numbers of Americans feeling forced to put their health at risk when there are safe and cost effective alternatives such as buying their prescriptions from Canada. Often the same medications available in the U.S. are sold in Canada at half the U.S. retail price.”

The Canadian Pharmacy has been providing its customers significant cost savings on their medications for over 10 years. As a CIPA certified online Canadian pharmacy and international prescription service The Canadian Pharmacy provides substantial savings on the cost of prescription medications.

About The Canadian Pharmacy:

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Canadian Pharmacy employs a dedicated team of pharmacists, physicians, technicians, and customer service representatives to provide our customers with any and all information they may desire about their medications and their suggested use. The Canadian Pharmacy is a 5-Check Rated Pharmacy by and a member of the Better Business Bureau.

The Canadian Pharmacy’s mission is to provide safe, affordable access to high quality pharmaceutical products and services.

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