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February 13, 2014
I Can’t Afford My Prescriptions! 5 Steps for Saving Money on Medication

Prescription Cost HelpIt’s unfortunate that in a country of plenty so many people are going without basic necessities – including medication. If you’ve ever had to make the gut-wrenching decision of whether to purchase groceries or pick up your blood pressure pills or if you’ve ever found yourself debating whether you really need to keep the lights on this month, you know the fear and frustration of this situation.

“I Can’t Afford My Prescriptions! What now?” Fortunately, there are ways to lower the cost of your medications while still ensuring the safety of the drugs:

  1. Talk to your doctor about generic medication options

    New medications hit the market every day, and drug-industry reps are sent out in droves to convince physicians to use these newer, more expensive medications. The truth, however, is that many of these medications are for conditions that can be just as effectively treated with older medications, many of which are available in cost-effective generic form.

    If you have heart disease or diabetes and your doctor is writing for a medication with an exorbitant price tag, discuss the possibility of switching to a medication available in generic form. Many pharmacies offer huge savings on generic medications with some going as low as $3 for a month’s supply.

  2. Check your eligibility for assistance programs

    State and federal governments offer assistance to people with lower incomes to help them get the medications they need. The financial qualification threshold for medical assistance programs is usually not as low as for other assistance programs, meaning that you may qualify for medical help even if you don’t qualify for food or other monetary assistance. Check on your state’s Medicaid website to learn about the requirements and see if you qualify.

  3. Search for coupons online

    Many drug companies offer coupons to help patients defer the cost of their medications. If brand-name medication is your only option, try visiting the website of the manufacturer (if you aren’t sure of the manufacturer, just type the name of your medication into your favorite search engine). Check on the website for any offers or coupons. One note – only use the official manufacturer’s website to avoid any possible scams.

  4. Ask your doctor for help

    If your medication isn’t covered by your insurance, you may be able to access it by requesting special authorization. Talk with your pharmacist and your doctor to see if this is an option. Your doctor may also have access to samples until you can get authorized.

  5. Check out online pharmacies

    Online pharmacies that have been accredited and certified by groups like the Better Business Bureau,, and (in Canada) the Canadian International Pharmacy Association can offer incredible deals on medications while ensuring safety and security. While online pharmacies in the United States can get you some deals, the best prices are likely to be found at online pharmacies located outside of the U.S. Certified online Canadian pharmacies maintain high standards and follow laws related to safety and security.

To see what kind of savings you can find at an online Canadian pharmacy, search by medication name at to see the price for a 30-day supply.

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