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Pharmaceutical Companies Will Soon be Required to Publicly Report Payments to Doctors; The Canadian Pharmacy Says It’s Time to Stop Unfairly Influencing Prescribers

July 31, 2013
Pharmaceutical Companies Will Soon be Required to Publicly Report Payments to Doctors; The Canadian Pharmacy Says It’s Time to Stop Unfairly Influencing Prescribers

On August 1, 2013, a crucial part of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act will go into effect. When this happens, pharmaceuticals companies will be required to collect and document their payments to physicians.

Winnipeg, Manitoba (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act, passed as part of the United States’ Affordable Healthcare Act, requires that on August 1, 2013, manufacturers of pharmaceutical and medical devices begin to collect and document all payments made to physicians and teaching hospitals over the amount of $10. This includes any and all forms of payment such as gifts, honorariums and awards, stock options, royalties and research funding.

These “perks” have long been a part of the dance between pharmaceutical companies and physicians. While a part of the physician’s job is to remain neutral and prescribe the medication or treatment best suited for an individual patient’s condition, pharmaceutical companies have a product to sell and want their product to be the first that comes to mind when the doctor pulls out the prescription pad and pen – which may itself have a logo emblazoned upon it.

As legislators were crafting the Affordable Healthcare Act, it became clear that in order to reduce drug costs and increase transparency, this situation had to be addressed. Despite a physician’s best intentions, each one is only human and may be influenced, even unintentionally. By collecting payment data and creating a database accessible to the public, patients can see for themselves how much money their physician or hospital has received from pharmaceutical companies. Information is power, and patients have the opportunity to make an informed decision as to whether they feel their prescriber may have been influenced.

Doctors and administrators at teaching hospitals have raised concerns about how this information will be categorized and represented and whether the media and the public will fully grasp the nuances and differences between different types of payments. Another significant area of concern is the potential for mistakes. While a dispute-resolution system is being established as part of the Act, it is still unclear how efficiently this system will work.

Harry Greenberg, the senior associate dean for research at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, has raised concerns about whether the exact purpose of the money gifted will be addressed in the database. As he points out, there is a vast difference between money that goes directly into a physician’s pocket and money that is used to fund potentially life-saving research.

David Zimmer, President of The Canadian Pharmacy, an online pharmacy in Canada dedicated to providing high-quality medication to both Canadian and international patients in a safe and cost-effective manner, is excited by the potential of increased transparency in doctors’ prescribing practices. “This law aims to help medical consumers make more informed decisions and alert them to any potential conflicts of interest that their health care providers may hold,” he says. “The Canadian Pharmacy applauds this effort to increase transparency and, hopefully, decrease health care costs in the United States. Practices that are detrimental to the availability and affordability of medication are also detrimental to public health, and it’s time for these practices to be addressed and prevented.”

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