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As The FDA Takes Further Action To Shut Down Fake Online Pharmacies The Canadian Pharmacy Reminds Consumers How To Find A Genuine Online Pharmacy

July 23, 2013
As The FDA Takes Further Action To Shut Down Fake Online Pharmacies The Canadian Pharmacy Reminds Consumers How To Find A Genuine Online Pharmacy

As part of a cooperative global effort, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration seized websites and a staggering $41 million worth of illegal medications from nearly 10,000 “rogue” pharmacy websites in June 2013. The Canadian Pharmacy applauds these actions of the FDA to protect American consumers from the dangers of illegal pharmacies and hopes to help these same consumers identify safe Canadian online pharmacies.

Winnipeg, Manitoba (PRWEB) July 23, 2013

During the week of June 18th through the 25th, theFDA participated in Operation Pangaea VI, a recurring week of action against rogue online pharmacies operating outside of legal controls. Over the course of this operation the FDA took action against 9,600 websites leading to the seizure and shut down of 1,677 websites, and the seizure of over $41 million worth of illegal medications.

David Zimmer, the President of The Canadian Pharmacy – a legitimate online Canadian pharmacy dedicated to providing cost effective medications safely, stated, “We applaud the efforts of the FDA to shut down these fake pharmacies that pose a serious risk to consumers who are only looking for a more cost-effective way to fill their prescriptions.” Mr. Zimmer also offered a number of tips for consumers who wish to save money by filling prescriptions at legitimate online Canadian pharmacies.

Often, illegal online pharmacies will purport to be from Canada with fake Canadian addresses, fake certifications and a template-style websites with the Canadian flag, the red maple leaf and other symbols of Canada. These symbols and false information are often confusing to consumers, who may have a difficult time recognizing the difference between a rogue pharmacy and a legitimate business that also uses these symbols.

Despite these often confusing signs, rogue pharmacies often have a few clear giveaways. One of the most obvious signs that you may be dealing with a rogue pharmacy is that they typically don’t require a valid prescription from your doctor. Additionally, they typically advertise this fact right on their website or in their mailings. The Canadian Pharmacy and other legitimate online Canadian pharmacies will always require a valid prescription signed by your own physician.

Rogue pharmacies also advertise illegal medications that haven’t been approved by a regulatory agency such as the FDA or Health Canada. Additionally, they may focus on so-called “lifestyle” medications such as drugs for treating erectile dysfunction or narcotic painkillers.

Legitimate online Canadian pharmacies only sell medications that have been approved by a regulatory agency and offer a full inventory of medications to treat all conditions. Each prescription is filled and checked by a licensed pharmacist that is available for counseling and other patient questions.

By checking an online pharmacy’s reputation through a regulatory agency such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association or the provincial pharmacy licensing body and by knowing the signs of a rogue online pharmacy, consumers can take steps to protect themselves from dangerous counterfeit or illegal drugs.

The Canadian Pharmacy, found online at, has been serving customers throughout Canada and the United States for more than 10 years. The company is deeply committed to patient safety and protecting the health and personal information of every patient.

About The Canadian Pharmacy:

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Canadian Pharmacy employs a dedicated team of pharmacists, physicians, technicians, and customer service representatives to provide our customers with any and all information they may desire about their medications and their suggested use. The Canadian Pharmacy is a 5-Check Rated Pharmacy by and a member of the Better Business Bureau.

The Canadian Pharmacy’s mission is to provide safe, affordable access to high quality pharmaceutical products and services.

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David Zimmer
The Canadian Pharmacy 
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